Adaptive Skills

In our institution we have divided groups through adaptive areas.

Adaptive skill areas are :-

  1. Communication
  2. Self help skill
  3. Home living
  4. Social skill
  5. Community use
  6. Self direction
  7. Functional academics
  8. Health &Safety
  9. Leisure
  10. Work (Vocational skill)

  1. Communication:-Skill including the ability to comprehend and express information through symbolic behavior or non symbolic behavior.Symbolic behavior (Spoken word ,written word /graphic symbols, sign language ,manually coded English)Non symbolic:- Facial expression, body movement ,touch, gesture .
  2. Self –Care :- Skill involved in toileting, eating, dressing-up ,hygiene and grooming.
  3. Home-living:- Skill related to functioning within a home , which includes clothes care, housekeeping, property maintence,food preparation and cooking ,planning and budgeting for shopping, home daily scheduling.
  4. Community use:- Skills related to the appropriate use of community resource , including traveling in the community, Going to grocery shops and markets, attending Church, Temple, Gurudwara or Mosque , using public transportation and public facilities.
  5. Self –direction:- Skill related to making choice learning (according to his/ her personal likes or dislikes ) and following a schedule; initiating activities appropriate to the setting, conditions, schedule and personal interests: skills related to self advocacy (defense); completing necessary or required tasks, seeking assistance when needed ; resolving problems confronted in familiar and novel situation .
  6. Social skill:- Skill related to social exchange with other ,including initiating ,interacting and terminating interaction with others. Receiving and responding to pertinent situational cues; recognizing feeling, providing positive and negative feedback.
  7. Health &Safety:- Skill related to maintenance of one’s health in form of eating, illness identification, treatment and prevention , basic first- aid , sexuality ,physical fitness, basic safety consideration.
  8. Functional Academic :- Cognitive abilities and skills related to learning at school & those that also have  a direct application in one' s  life eg. Writing, reading, using basic & practical maths-  concepts like (size , shape , colour, money, time, sex & number.)
  9. Leisure:-The development of a variety of leisure and recreational interests like self -entertainment , dance ,music ,painting , reading etc.
  10. Work:-skill related to holding a part or full-time job in the community in terms of specific job skills, appropriate social behavior and related work skills eg.completion of tasks ,awareness of schedules ,ability to seek assistance, take criticism and improve skills money management ,financial resources at all location , and the application of other functional academics skills and  the skill related to going to and  back from work.

 At Ek Prayaas the following facilities  are provided to the children :

  1. Physiotherapy
  2. Speech Therapy
  3. Vocational skill & Pre-Vocational skill
  4. A Dental Check -Up  camp is organised  once a year
  5. Seminars / Orientation programs  for parents and teachers
  6. Home visit  by teachers
  7. Counselling by Dr.B.P.Mishra
  8. Monthly routine check by Dr.Goraya
  9. Community visit with children