About Us

In the year 1998 four ladies who were working as volunteers for a noble cause were motivated by Mrs. Abha Rajan, an occupational therapist. They were all working for the upliftment of children with special needs and one of them was mother of a 14 year old girl-child with special -needs . In 1998 they realized that there were a lot of children who needed special attention and it all could not be done in just one area.

In May, 1998 they registered a society by the name of  “Social Action Group" anda project namely “Ek Prayaas - An Institute for Children with Special Needs” came into being. Ek Prayaas started in a rented two room accommodation with two students, one special educator & two helpers and within six months Ek Prayaas shifted to a bigger premises and  the staff increased in number .

From the very beginning Ek Prayaas had help from the Dayanand Medical College & Hospital Ludhiana. Dr B.P. Mishra,a Clinical Physiologist from DMC&H helped us grow & organize this institute. He helped us handle  behavioral problems of students and also helped the teachers on how  to cope with school & home at the same time. We acknowledge his help & & his valuable guidance and Dr Mishra is an integral part of our institution. Dr. Puneet Pooni, Pediatrician, from DMC&H, too came once a month to check the children’s health & their Well -Being & to help the parents. Now Dr. Goraya, Pediatric Neurologist, DMC&H comes once a month for the medical check up of the children. Dr.Satinder Kalra , a  Physiotherapist & ex - Head of Deptt. Physiotherapy, DMC&H, too helped & guided  us & we have had a number of  successes of children walking after a lengthy but patient treatment by her. Dr. Aakash Tetia (DMC&H) also rendered his selfless -services. Christian Dental College has regularly been holding dental camps at the institute and gives the children their Dental treatments.

Our founder members are Mrs. Samira Bector, President , Mr. Ashok Arora Vice President, Mrs. Radhika Jaitwani, Secretary ,Mrs. Maninder Kaur, Jt. Secretary, Mr. Manjit Singh Chabra, Treasurer, Mrs. .Sabina Siddiqui , Mrs. Asha Arora, Mr .Ajay Bector and Mr. Vijay Jaitwani.

To start the Institute and ge in the 1st yet it going  we had  with us Mrs. Sabina Siddiqui a devoted- worker and a member of the board, who left after a year as her husband’s job took them else where. Mrs. Siddiqui was a great help in setting up the institution and organizing the classroom set up. The one year of her dedication & work transformed the institute completely.

Our Patron is Mr. Vijay Chopra of Punjab Kesari Group of Newspapers. He was our Chief Guest on our function an 10th Dec. 2000. He was pleased at the work done by this institution. He is regularly posted on the happenings in the institution.

The team of Ek Prayaas headed by Mrs. Samira Bector, a dynamic & a vibrant personality  has made Ek Prayaas stand on its feet and is now a known institute in the city. They also helped create awareness in the city about these children so that parents of these children could send them for training to the institute and improve their future. Awareness has also been spread amongst other members of the society so that these children are accepted in the society and not shunned or pitied by others. They have worked hard for the institute helping parents, teachers & student stand on their own feet, weathering all the ups and downs as they come with a smile on their faces.

Mrs. Maninder Kaur became the Secretary & Mrs. Sunanda Goyal became Jt. Secretary in 2004. The rest of management remains the same as before. Mrs. Sunanda Goyal,  who joined the management in July 1999 and is now an integral part of us, working towards the development of the Institute.

In 2005 Mrs. Amarjeet Riyat joined the management of Ek Prayaas. She has the experience of running a C.B.S.E. school in town for over 30 yrs. and is a big asset to us. In 2007 Mr. Surinder Nayyar, Mr. Rajneesh Thakur, Mr. Vipan Sood, also joined the management.

In the year 2006, with the hard work Mr. Ashok Arora we managed to purchase approx. 1000sq yards of land for the building Ek Prayaas.

In 2009 the plans for the building of Ek Prayaas were made by Mr. Zafar Chaudhary a leading architect of Ludhiana .That is one of his many contributions to Ek Prayaas.

A beautiful place has now taken shape. Mr. S.K. Aggarwal a Retd. Engineer from Punjab Govt. gave his service to Ek Prayaas, to overlook the construction & completion. Mrs. Samira Bector and Mr. Ashok Arora were in charge of raising funds and completing the construction of Ek Prayaas.

Ek Prayaas has shifted to its own premises in July 2011. At that time completion work on the ground floor was on, now its nearly finished .Now in April 2012 the structure is complete but finishing will be start once we have collected some additional finished.