Robin joined Ek Prayaas in 1999 with a lot of behaviroal problems. He was a violent child who used to hit his mother and grandmother. As he grew older and his energy increased, it became difficult for his widowed mother to handle him. That is when his mother thought of giving him some training at Ek Prayaas. On joining Ek Prayaas he was given regular exercise so that his excess energy was used up. He now washes utensils, helps his mother in household-work and does whatever work is given to him. He eats his food by breaking his roti into small bites and not a full roti at one go as he did earlier. He has a speech problem but can express himself with actions.He now has time-conditioning. At 4 p.m., he puts the pan on the stove and asks his mother for tea. Every evening he knows his brother comes home at 7 p.m.,if he gets delayed, Robin gets anxious and walks up and down, asking his mother to ring him up and find out. This concern for others has developed in the last 5 years. On the vocational side he does the base-coat paint on pottery and also helps in packing the diyas which we sell during Diwali.