When Sliky joined EkPrayaas, she was very shy. She avoided eye contact and would stand in the same place staring into space. Silky’s diet consisted of only biscuits and namkeen. Silky could not use the toilet on her own and she drooled incessantly. Recognising her things was impossible for her. She is on medicine to handle her epileptic fits.

Coming to Ek Prayaas has brought about a great change in her. Silky was toilet trained within a year of joining and also her drooling had stopped with a couple of exercises. Recognistion of  her things are now easy for her, responds to being called and spoken to, can hold a pencil and scribble and colour too. The concept of big and small is clear to her and can recognise the colour red. She enjoys reciting poems, which make her parents feel proud of her. Her eating habits have improved tremendously, eating different foods and also cleaning her hands and mouth before and after meals. She participates in school function and games too.