Tajinder Kaur

Tajinder used to attend a normal school but did not learn much infact she was very quiet & became an introvert. This has changed here radically. She now meets everyone smilingly and also shows her feelings for others.During the last Olympics(2008) held in Ludhiana she also spoke on the mike and shared with everyone, how she had saved herself from getting burnt. She was alone at home and while switching on , the geyser caught fire. She ran out of the house and called the neighbours who helped her. All were happy that she had reached this level of training. In academics,she has all the concepts right for eg colors,shape,sex, big, small etc.she can write the name of her family members, her address and the days of week in English.In maths she counts upto 300 ,she can add ,subtract, big or small till 10. She has an idea of one hour & half hour now we are teaching her 15 mins. When she came she was not ready to do anything in the kichen. She used to say I will go to hotel to eat or call for food from outside but today she can make rice ,poha,chappu allu veg, tea & cut salads& washes her clothes as well. She has stared doing good fabric painting. she has painted a couple of her on suits